Thursday, September 2, 2010

13 Months!

Sorry this is a few days late, we have been EXTRA busy. :-)

Jackson- you are 13 months old today!!

What have you been up to?

You weigh 23 pounds and are still in size 4 diapers.

I just changed your closet and dresser for the 3rd time, you now wear very few 12 month clothes (except jeans) and all 18 month shirts!

You wear a size 4 shoe.

You sleep wonderfully. You still have not given up your morning nap so.. I wake you up at 7:30 on Tues. and Thurs. and 8:00 on MWF. You take a nap @ 9:30/10 sleep till 12. Nap @ 2:00 bedtime at 8:00.

You LOVE to eat! You went through a stage where you would hardly eat, but now you eat 3 meals a day and 2/3 snacks.

Favorite Food: BLUEBERRIES!!

You are now trying to run instead of walk. You sound like a herd of elephants.

You are definately an animal lover! CoCo and Sebastian have a dog named Jack, and you literally ride on him every MWF. :-)

You like to feed Ozzie. Thats how we know you are finished- you throw your food to him.

You are talking A LOT. You can say many words, these are what I can remember and are new: Ozzie (AAA-ZEEE!), Ball (you love to throw any ball and play basketball in the tub), you yell SCOOOOORE when you make it- your daddy taught you that, hot (for food), blue (BUUUU- this is your favorite thing), Mommy- instead of Maaaama, Livi (your friend, her "real name" is Alivia), baby (baaaaabyyyyyy) there is a new baby at JuJu's, <---- you can also say JuJu, and book.

You love to play peek-a-boo, and clap!

You now are in love with your "blue baby" AND blanket. You must have them to sleep.

I just started babysitting CoCo and Sebastian, and yall get along great. I love that you face lights up with excitement when we pull in the driveway.

Your sweet puppy got hit the other night and it terrified you (and me). Now, since he is hurt and sore he can't jump and run away from you- so you take full advantage of that.

*Most of these pictures were taken at the Children's Musuem of Memphis :-)

You are learning and growing more everyday! It amazes us how smart you are. Your daddy says this is his favorite stage so far (his face is priceless watching you throw a ball). We love you more than words can say.

Love, Mommy and Daddy