Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Year Appointment.

July 30th, Jackson went for his One Year appointment. We blew bubbles in the waiting room, and then went to get weighed, shots, height, and blood drawn!!  

He wanted to play with every child in the waiting room, my social butterfly.

Weight: 23 pounds!! He is as healthy as can be!  :-)

Height: 30 inches.
I can't remember exactly, but his head was in the 40s. Just know its large, like in the 95th % :-)

I have this picture of his first doctors appointment with daddy. Only a 17 pound difference.

Listening to his big boy body! Thats his Doctor, Dr. Best she is awesome!!

This didn't last long after his 3 shots! :( Poor little baby.

He was fascinated by his bandaid on his finger!

Dr. Best was very impressed with Jackson. She was so happy to see him walking and talking! She said he will definately be a talker. He did have low iron- but we're working on that. So far baby asthma hasn't shown its mean ole' head again, we're keeping our fingers crossed no more of that! He is also suppose to be saying about 2-4 words, and we're starting to surpass that, go Jackson! His Dr.'s office loves when he gets there, and always knows his name as soon as he walks through the door. He is a ladies man, what can I say? hah.

In about 2 1/2 weeks, I will be back to school, Jackson at JuJu's, and keeping 2 of the most precious kids ever, CoCo and Sebastian. We are very excited- and ready to get back into the swing of things.

Goodbye Mullet, Hello Little Boy!

Jackson was beginning to have a "mullet" as his daddy would say-  and Joshua just couldn't stand it any longer! The day after his first birthday, Daddy took off work to enjoy J's very first haircut and a few other things!!

Of course, Ms. Ash-leigh had to do the honors of his first haircut!!

eating a sucker full of hair.

he did awesome getting his haircut. We gave him a sucker, took his clothes off so he wouldn't be itchy all day, and I wore the cover! It worked out perfectly. I have a new appreciation for dum-dums!

Getting him all cleaned up. Ms. Ash-leigh said he was her best baby! :-) if only she lived with him.

He is a big boy now!!

First Birthday Bash

On July 24 we celebrated Jackson's first year! We had a great group of family and friends, yummy home-made icecream, a Sweet Scentsations cake and baby smash cake, 20 balloons, party favors, and lots of new toys! :-) His first birthday was perfect!

His invitations were made on etsy. I used "Lil Sprout Greetings", and she was amazing and very helpful.

Cakes and cookies were Sweet Scentsations, and highchair ribbon my mom made! :-)

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the "Happy Birthday Jackson" banner was made by Aunt Jams!

Mommy and Daddy blowing out the candles!

He had absolutely no problems eating his cake! :-)

Present time.

Sweet baby isn't  loved at all!!

Loving on Granny and Jack after his party. Thank you to all who celebrated Jackson's first year with us! He is truly blessed.