Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy 14 Months!

Jackson turned 14 months on September 29th.  

Here is what he has been up to this month:

Jackson- you weigh 20 something pounds! Hah (I took him to the dr. Thursday, but this bad momma didn't even look at the scale)

And for the first time, he got to stand on the big boy scale, instead of sit on a table to be weighed. Such a big boy!! :-)

Still in size 4 diapers.

You are now in a size 5 shoe!! I got you your very first pair of Nike Shox.

You wear all 18 month clothes.

You love to eat still. You have learned to use a spoon and fork. Only if I don't mind you getting messy! :-)

You love going to JuJu's and CoCo/Sebastian's house.

You LOVE to give sugars. They are getting VERY slobbery though.

You have started to point at everything, sometimes you name it- sometimes you don't!

You wave bye, blow sugars (with one finger), point to what you want, play patty cake, Where's the baby?, and peek-boo.

You don't walk anymore, you run!

We took you to the Demolition Derby last weekend, and you LOVED it!! You pointed and the cars and tractors the whole time. You new word since then, TRACTOR :-)

You are extremely clumsy. Just this week you busted you lip THREE, FOUR, FIVE times!

You talk a lot! Babble on and on. You can say lots of things. Your daddy played football the other day and you walked to the side-line and said "DA DA!". You wanted him to play with you.

You can KICK a soccerball.

You climb on everything now. Coffee table, toys, bed, bath tub, etc. It makes me soooo nervous!

You started getting in trouble at the babysitter for "riding the pony" on the little babies. :-/ YIKES. You love to do this to daddy.

You got your 457th ear infection, and URI. Your eyes were swollen shut, and it scared you very much.

You really love to dance. All we have to do is put music on, bang on the table, OR just say "Dance Jackson!" and you dance. You do this crazy thing with your feet and it makes us laugh every. single. time. You do some sort of swaying back and forth, and a little hip movement!! ;-) Such a Posey.

Yet again, you amaze us more and more. I'm so so so thankful for that. I'm proud of you each and every day- and have no idea how this happens, but I love you even more the next day and the next.  You're starting to not seem like a baby so much, but I can still see SOME baby in you- I know one day this will pass- so i'm savoring every moment.

Happy 14 Months baby boy,
Mommy and Daddy

Grammy, don't worry I will have pictures up soon. I'm at school writing this- since this is about the only time i'm kid-free. :-)