Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11 Months

Jackson, you're ELEVEN Months old today!

Does this really mean in one month you will be a ONE year old?!?

You weigh 23 (maybe 24) pounds.

You wear a size 4 diaper, and mostly 18-24 month clothes. Some 12.

You are completely off of baby food. You REFUSE to eat it. Such a big boy :-)

You are still sleeping 12-13 hours at night. Not waking up once, unless you're teething.
You have been going to sleep around 7:30/8:00 and wake up around 8:30/9:00. a.m

You take a morning nap around 10 and afternoon nap around 2.

You are into everything, and getting REALLY fast.

You are walking a lot now, until you realize you're walking!!

You've taken 5-6 steps at a time.

You talk A LOT, but we have NO idea what you're saying.

You recognize both grandparents houses, and get very excited.

You have said "Pops".

I'm trying to teach you where your nose is. You think its funny!

If I say "Wheres Ozzie" You immediately start looking at him.

You have THREE teeth now!! And working on your 4th!!

You can "high five". Your Grammy taught you.

You LOVE to hold you hands up and say YAAAAY!

You like to try to hide and run away from me.

I believe you are attempting to roll your eyes at us. :-\  hah.

You love to say bye.

You loooove bath time. Drinking the water. And continuously fall down, you think its funny.

You can be aggressive to your friends, but you also can be sweet. I have watched you attempt to share your toys!

You went to your First VBS, you were in bed babies, and Ms. Brenda and Ms. Amanda thought you were THE best baby! hah.

You were dedicated at church on Father's day. You waved the entire time and said bye-bye.

You make me proud every single day, and I can't wait to celebrate your first birthday!! You have made this the best year of my life, and will never know how much I love you.

I love you my sweet baby J,

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 2

On the 2nd day at the beach, Joshua and Chris woke up early to go for a round of golf. Everyone slept in, and me and Jackson got up and ate breakfast, got our swim gear on, and hit the beach.  I tried to limit what I brought down, considering I would be carrying  22 pounds of baby, his pool float, sunscreen, and towels. We survived! :-)

J's favorite part was sitting at the edge of the wet and dry sand waiting for the waves to crash in and hit him. It was hillarious! He always had an audience watching him, he even practiced walking on the beach for a group of girls :-) hah.

Basically, this day consisted of out to beach/pool, in for a nap and food, out to beach/ pool, in for nap and food...and so on. It really wasn't bad- because he would sleep sooo good! We got ready for supper and off  we went to The Original Oyster House. And let me tell you..it was yummmmmy!! J did great, we fed him lemons and he loved them!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Beach Trip 2010 Day 1

June 10-14 we decided to take our first family vacation to Gulf Shores, Alabama. Despite the oil, we had an amazing time.
We left at 3:00 a.m to accomodate Jackson's sleeping schedule. I have never traveled on a trip no longer than 2 1/2 hours with Jackson, so I really didn't know how he would act. When we went to put him in his carseat he was wide eyed and bushy tailed. (He was asleep by the time we got to Memphis). He woke up in Mississippi, where we stopped to eat breakfast around 9:00. He played for a little while, attempted watching a DVD, and off to sleep he went. He slept up until we got into Mobile. Very easy ride. :-) Very happy mom.

We arrived to a -for the most part oil free beach. If you were in the water you may come out with a little, but nothing harmful.  We loaded J up with sunscreen, swimmy diaper, and trunks. He was BEACH READY! He absolutely loved it, loved the waves crashing in. He would just wiggle his toes and scrunch up his nose. (And show that pearly white tooth he had)

He loved that the sand was scorching hot on mommy and daddy's (whoever was holding him) feet. We would ruuuuun really fast up the sand dune they were building to find relief at the water hose to our condo. Boy was it HOT. (It was so the oil, if it were to get bad, would not run into the pools. I honestly don't think it will be a concern).

We played in the sand for about 2 hours before heading up to get ready to eat. This picture actually says "The Posey's 2010". I thought "Posey" would be appropriate for our "Pocket Full of Posey's" hah.

We ate at a place called "The Hangout" on the first night. We got a REALLY late start, not to mention an hour wait. It was around 9:00 p.m before we ate. It was worth it. This was really the hangout, around 6 it is perfect for kids- they have a band, sand boxes, foam dispenser, dancing waiters, lots of fun! I would love to take J back when he is older.

Jackson acted perfect, he slept mostly while we ate, and listened to music. When we got home Joshua and I took a long beach walk and came back to get much needed rest. We had a busy day ahead of us.

Until next time. See you later for Day 2 of Beach Trip 2010.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bruises, Swimming, and TWO New Firsts

That Tylenol bottle was worth the obstacle he had to take.

I never knew what having a boy REALLY meant until, well... now! Jackson is all over the place, climbing on everything, bumping and banging his head on everything, and everday is a new red/purple/blue "mark" on his precious little face. I have a feeling we will have many trips to the ER.

The day I took these pictures he had fallen on our cabinet door, I can't say he "bit" his tounge because he didn't have teeth, but his tounge began to profusely bleed. I picked him right up and took him to the freezer for a popsickle. He was a tough little rascal. Later that day we were playing in his room, and to tell you the truth I have NO IDEA how he fell, but the poor thing banged his head up pretty good. A week later the bruises are finally gone.

Tuesday before we left for the beach we met up with some friends, including Annie and her daughter Brooklyn to go swimming. Brooklyn and Jackson go to JuJu's together (JuJu is Brooklyn's G-mother) so they love eachother!

Jackson has turned into a water baby! It would be an understatement to say he loves it. I'm so glad he enjoys the water and being outside. I normally catch him standing at our front/back door banging on it, and normally crying. He always wants to go outside!
I'm so happy to be able to stay home with him this summer. It has truly been an experience, to say the least. I LOVE being home with my baby, but being a stay-at-home mom is not for everyone! :)

As you notice in our title we have had not one but TWO new firsts. I never dreamed of how excited I would be about Jackson learning to do/get new things. It is such an awesome feeling.

On June 6, 2010 Jackson took his very FIRST Step!!

Today he is taking atleast 3 steps at a time. I told Joshua he must take 1 to get to 5! We are almost walking!
Our second first is (drumroll please)...we have our FIRST TOOTH!! We spotted it on June 13, the day before we left for our vacation, and well let's just say he WILL NOT let us get a little picture! He is also getting his top two teeth. We will have a mouth full in the next two weeks.

I have A LOT to catch up on. The next few posts will probably be a little lengthy!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mr. Drama

Jackson is battling his 457th ear infection, and possibly hopefully teething. He really hasn't been too fusy, but on this day- anything could make him cry. He is my Mr. Drama. He may not look a thing like me, but he just might have my "drama" skills. :-)

Isn't he the most pitiful thing you've ever seen.

"Momma, no. No pictures. I can't take this right now.

When its all said and done, this is my non-teeth having, gummy smile baby Jackson. He is all smiles. And definately a baby with thousand faces! :_)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Jackson eating pancakes for breakfast
This past winter we took Jackson took the Kentucky lake for the first time, of course we weren't able to get on the water in the winter- so we just relaxed around at the cabin. Joshua and I decided we would take him for his first REAL lake experience Memorial Day Weekend.

And that we did.

We left Saturday for the 2 1/2 hour drive to right outside Paris, Tn. Jackson was completely worn out from earlier that day visiting family in Jackson, that he slept the entire drive. It was wonderful :-) We arrived that night and decided to just hang out with the Wallace's and eat pizza.

Sunday Morning we woke up and all got ready to head out to the water. We also took Jackson for a ride on the golf cart!

At first he didn't know what to think about the life jacket, they make those things where if he were to fall face down in the water it automatically will flip him over. Pretty cool, huh?

He eventually got used to it, and slept while riding the boat. We put him in the water and he would lay on his back and smile (with his eyes closed).  The sun was in his face.

After that, we took him to a little beach where he played in the water (and sand of course) until he just couldn't take it anymore. The sun completely drained him. We put him to sleep, layed him on some towels, and his was sound asleep until we left.

That night he went to bed early and slept for about 15 hours! Whitney and Gunner stayed at the cabin that night while he slept, so Joshua and I could go hang out with friends.

It was a fun weekend, and we will definately be going back :-)