Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Midweek Randoms

It's Wednesday and I'm in bed before 10! Canon is snug in his bed, and Joshua & Jackson are at wrestle mania at the FedEx forum! I've showered in peace & now I'm catching up with last weeks tv shows. It's a miracle! 

So a little glimpse of the past few days. Nothing exciting, but hey it's memories! Friday (well this entire weekend, honestly) we had beautiful weather! We took the boys to the park after we picked Jackson up from school. J met a friend at the park, and they played baseball & hide and go seek for 2 hours. 

We went out to eat Friday night with Grammy & Pops! 

Saturday Jackson had a basketball game, and he had already made plans to go home with Yah-yah. Joshua, Canon, and myself spent the afternoon outside! It was beautiful! Joshua & I had a little date night to eat, and a little shopping! It was so nice to get out, and enjoy a kid free dinner.  Sunday was a relaxing day of laundry, and eating supper at Grammt & Pops house! 

I noticed Canon has not been eating like normal, and been pretty fussy. So off to the doctor Monday! He has an ear infection & on an antibiotic now. Teething and ear infections = exhaustion. 

Joshua & I have been working on decorating the house a little more! We got a lot of things on the wall, and we both love it! 

Monday night was my first night of teaching childbirth classes! I think I'm going to really enjoy it! 

Joshua goes back to work after being off for 8 days, tomorrow. And I'm back to work Thursday! 

Nothing exciting! I will do a seperate post of Jackson & Joshua's little date to WWE! Here is a little sneak peek...

Happy Wednesday!

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